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Why trouble yourself with a bunch of figures? As a business owner in the modern age of technology, you should look into employing the use of proper accounting software. By doing so, you’ll be able to effortlessly leap over all those accounting hurdles. With proper accounting software, like xero and financio, you can easily track your company’s finances on-the-go!

Digital accounting software is used to curate and enable expense tracking, invoice customisation, access to real-time reports and more through the click of a button. Allowing automation of these services will help you stay ahead of your competition by seamlessly integrating your business without duplication of work. With proper accounting software, your team can use their skills for purposeful work instead of menial tasks.

Colibri offers seamless integration with various accounting software providers. All you have to do is trust us with your company’s data and we’ll find the perfect accounting software for you - one that suits your business requirements. .

Accounting Software Malaysia

Our Accounting Software can be used to:

Track Performance

Is your business truly making money or are you looking at outdated data? We know how difficult it is to constantly update your company’s financial stance. That’s why we implore you to work with us at Colibri! By engaging with our services, you’ll have access to the newest and most reliable tools and accounting software that will help you keep track of your company’s profits and expenditure. No matter the time of day, you’ll always have full-access to your financial records, statements and updated books.

Access Accounts On-The-Go

To run a business today means literal running around town. If you’re someone who is constantly on the move, then we highly suggest you invest in a good accounting software. When you employ the use of accounting software, like myob or xero, your company’s financial information will be stored in a web-based cloud system. This would allow you to safely access your company’s financial records from a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone - giving you the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

Reduce Risks

Sometimes what we presume to be a financial investment could actually turn out to be our downfall. But, through the use of proper and legitimate accounting software, all financial decisions will be assessed on its probability to bring in revenue. Our accountants at Colibri go the extra mile to ensure that they are familiar with all types of accounting software. This helps them to analyse the numbers and determine if its an investment opportunity that is worth the risk.

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firza amira
firza amira
We really satisfy with the services they provided. Elicia and her team are so professional and friendly. Easier to communicate and knowledgeable to solving any issues we are having. Very recommend for others.
Nicky 5066
Nicky 5066
The staff are friendly to help when customer have problem with account or software ! Really like their service! 👍
Sarah Enxhi
Sarah Enxhi
I have been using Colibri Integration's payroll services since 2017, and accounting services since the end of 2020. They're a professional, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly team. Elicia takes the time to run me through my company's finances carefully and gives me personalised advice, which I believe is a contributing factor to my company turning a larger profit since hiring her. They go the extra mile in servicing their clients and I highly recommend them for your HR or accounting needs.
Kieran Ong
Kieran Ong
Love the service being provided here. Elicia and her team to excellently well in providing accounting and HR services for us and I have no intention of switching over to anywhere else as they provide such good care for us (SME company of 15+ employees with annual turnover of RM1.0mil+)
Ujin Lim
Ujin Lim
Very satisfactory accounting services provided, with professional staff and support given. Ability to provide practical solutions to unique business issues makes this a stand-out.


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