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As we progress in time, the payroll process should get simpler right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most companies. In fact, maintaining payroll compliance has just gotten more troublesome in recent times as there is a constant change in government regulations. But fret not, Colibri is here to save the day! Our team of talented accountants are trained to handle payroll processes too.

Our payroll experts guarantee accurate, auditable and government-compliant results. Additionally, we will customise your payroll solutions to suit your company’s needs. This way you can spend less time on payroll processing, statutory compliance and payroll tax filing and focus more on growing your business exponentially.

We will generate your employees’ monthly payslips and integrate your payroll processes with the bank of your choosing. Save time, money and manpower by enlisting our payroll services today!

Payroll Services Malaysia

Our payroll services consist of:

Income Calculation

We want to make sure that you and your employees receive the right compensation for the work that you do. At Colibri, our accountants are known to pay close attention to detail. By employing our payroll services, you’ll get a team of meticulous accountants who will ensure that additional payments and deductions are accounted for in every employee’s monthly salary. With us by your side, you’ll never have to worry about excess or insufficient payments again.

Salary Disbursement

A team is only as good as their leader. In order to maintain smooth operations, employees must be paid on time. But, ensuring that these payments are credited on time every month can be rather difficult. Don’t burden yourself with trivial matters like this! Instead, let our team of expert accountants handle it for you. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your employees receive their salaries by the agreed due date. We’ll also process and produce payslips for all of your hard working employees.


Compiling data, analysing it and generating reports each month is something that most business owners despise doing. But with Colibri, we can transform all your employee data into meaningful insights by consolidating it into comprehensive reports. Our payroll services also include managing and producing monthly salary reports, employee payslips, statutory submissions (EPF, Socos, EIS, income tax etc) and yearly employee reports, including Form E and Form EA.

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firza amira
firza amira
We really satisfy with the services they provided. Elicia and her team are so professional and friendly. Easier to communicate and knowledgeable to solving any issues we are having. Very recommend for others.
Nicky 5066
Nicky 5066
The staff are friendly to help when customer have problem with account or software ! Really like their service! 👍
Sarah Enxhi
Sarah Enxhi
I have been using Colibri Integration's payroll services since 2017, and accounting services since the end of 2020. They're a professional, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly team. Elicia takes the time to run me through my company's finances carefully and gives me personalised advice, which I believe is a contributing factor to my company turning a larger profit since hiring her. They go the extra mile in servicing their clients and I highly recommend them for your HR or accounting needs.
Kieran Ong
Kieran Ong
Love the service being provided here. Elicia and her team to excellently well in providing accounting and HR services for us and I have no intention of switching over to anywhere else as they provide such good care for us (SME company of 15+ employees with annual turnover of RM1.0mil+)
Ujin Lim
Ujin Lim
Very satisfactory accounting services provided, with professional staff and support given. Ability to provide practical solutions to unique business issues makes this a stand-out.


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